This blog is an account of Jacob and Mike's (Skippy) cross-country trip to move Jacob from Chicago, IL to Irvine, CA. We decided we'd document the trip by making a blog post for every hundred miles we drove, in addition to anything else of interest. There is a map that I made with a thumb tack in each place where we wrote a blog post.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Grinnell, IA

3:55PM CDT | N41°41'43" W92°49'47"

We just past Grinnell, IA, and thought of our friend Dave. We also passed the Fun Valley Ski Area. How there is a ski area in the middle of flat corn fields, I think I may never know. Jacob introduced me to two albums which I'd never heard. The Thermals - more parts per million and M. Ward - post-war. We are currently listening to Charm of the Highway Strip, an apporopriate title for the times put out by one of my favorite bands, The Magnetic Fields.

"Okay, how many band can you think of with gerrends in their names?" -Mike
"Flogging Molly and Counting Crows" -Jacob
"Nice. Soul Coughing" -Mike
"Wailin' Jennys" - Jacob minutes later
"Traveling Wilburries" - Mike minutes later
"The Rolling Stones" - Jacob immediately
"The Beat Happening" - Jacob after twenty miles of silence
"The Smoking Popes" - Jacob several minutes later
The Smashing Pumkins" - Mike hours later


millie said...

mike, i think i had almost forgotten how entertaining you are. can you blog all the time? please?

Adam said...

Fighting Foos.

Oh wait. Scratch that.

Amy said...

Bouncing Souls

Harpie said...

the loving spoon-fulls

mike.machenry said...

Aw, thanks Millie. Actually I hope I will now that I have a camera. Yay! Man you guys are good. At this game. Hey, no using the Interwebs.