This blog is an account of Jacob and Mike's (Skippy) cross-country trip to move Jacob from Chicago, IL to Irvine, CA. We decided we'd document the trip by making a blog post for every hundred miles we drove, in addition to anything else of interest. There is a map that I made with a thumb tack in each place where we wrote a blog post.

Friday, June 1, 2007

George Washington's favorite motel

9:37 AM CDT | N40°49'5" W97°26'16"

Good morning blogorhombuses. To catch you up to speed: last night we made it into Lincoln a few minutes after I finished writing that last entry, and we had the GPS system find us a restaurant. Unfortunately it could not also find us a parking space, so we ended up parking two blocks or so away from where we wanted to eat; that wouldn't be so bad except that it was pouring down rain at the time. Oh well, though, we ate outside anyway. We were right across the street from a store called "From Nebraska", which was apparently a gift shop where you can get items that will definitively prove to your jealous friends that you were actually, at one point, in Nebraska.

After dinner, we pressed on for a little while longer and ended up at a Super 8 across from a Wal-Mart in the tiny town of Seward. According to its chamber of commerce, Seward is the "4th of July" city. Presumably this is because it's where an important battle in the Revolutionary War was fought. Just to think, Mike and I might have slept in the same motel room as John Adams and George Washington. The mind boggles. Anyway, the motel was all booked up when we got there except for their special, slightly-higher-priced "pet friendly" rooms, but that worked well because I had Mike with me anyway. The room had wireless, so we had a big blog uploading party and then I pretty much passed out from exhaustion.

This morning, we had the motel's free breakfast --- bagels, juice, and some pretty awful coffee --- and then we got back on the road. It's been about thirty miles since then then, and we haven't passed another motel yet, so I think we made the right choice.

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Amy said...

The bad coffee in Nebraska is why Starbucks Double Shots are the Official Beverage of Cross-Country Drives for me...