This blog is an account of Jacob and Mike's (Skippy) cross-country trip to move Jacob from Chicago, IL to Irvine, CA. We decided we'd document the trip by making a blog post for every hundred miles we drove, in addition to anything else of interest. There is a map that I made with a thumb tack in each place where we wrote a blog post.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Coffee and the world's first bike

4:42 PM MDT | N39°45'1", W105°1'1"

We've stopped now in Denver at a quaint little coffee shop called the Metropolitan Mudd. It's very cute and has a nice comfy sofa for cookie eating. We're upload some of our post we typed in the car via the shop's free wireless. It's really nice how so many motels and coffee shops are offering it these days. Road trip bloggers around the word are finally getting some service.

On the way to the coffee shop we took a little walk around and we saw a guy riding a penny farthing down the street. I ran after him whilst unsheathing my Powershot A640 and was able to just barely get off one round before he road off into the sunset.

Did you know the penny farthing is consider precursor to the modern unicycle?

Did you know nerds waste nearly 40% of time they ought to be sleeping on wikipedia?

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Nicolle said...

40%? I thought the percentage would be about 30%. But since you are more closely related to the topic at hand, I would venture to say that you would be more accurate. Did Wiki ever make a hand held device?