This blog is an account of Jacob and Mike's (Skippy) cross-country trip to move Jacob from Chicago, IL to Irvine, CA. We decided we'd document the trip by making a blog post for every hundred miles we drove, in addition to anything else of interest. There is a map that I made with a thumb tack in each place where we wrote a blog post.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Surfing: "Yata!"

7:34PM PDT | N32°47'54" W117°15'32"

Joe and I went surfing today. It was Joe's first time ever and my first time in about ten years. I was pretty psyched that I actually got up and road a wave in on my first try, but my luck didn't last that long. I ended up getting up on the board maybe about five good times before two hours was up and we decided we were pretty hungry.

After Joe put his wet suit on the right way he was also able to ride a couple of waves in himself. I mean he's no big-time, five-waver like myself, but he had a pretty good run for a guy Boston boy in Pacific waters. It's unfortunate that my camera is not water proof and could not come with us but I did make a short intro clip in case surfing ever becomes my super power and I need it documented.

After surfing, Joe and I went to In 'n Out burger. In 'n Out is like McDonalds only Christian. They have a disproportionately cheery staff and the names of bible verses on the underneath of their cups. I wondered out loud why they didn't just print the verse itself. What good does the name and some numbers do me? Oh well.

While we where there it was totally packed, likely due to the very large JESUS IS LORD bus parked out front and the millions of kids wandering around, each of them just a little too social awkward not to be part of a Christian youth group. We both ordered a burger and a shake and they were divine. This place is definitely where I would purchase all of my hamburgers if I were the one true god.

About a week before I came to San Diego I pulled my shoulder playing baseball. During surfing it happened again it is really hurting at this point. When we got back to Joe's I went in the hot tub to see if that would help. It did, a little. I took a nap while Joe went to work to gear up for my next two days. Tonight we're going camping and then after that I'm taking an over-night flight to end my vacation. Let's hope I make it.


Joe said...

man, do i mumble! not that the wind helped. surfing ruled.

mike.machenry said...

Yeah, if I get out there again any time soon, we're going surfing again for sure.