This blog is an account of Jacob and Mike's (Skippy) cross-country trip to move Jacob from Chicago, IL to Irvine, CA. We decided we'd document the trip by making a blog post for every hundred miles we drove, in addition to anything else of interest. There is a map that I made with a thumb tack in each place where we wrote a blog post.

Friday, June 1, 2007

The most boring excitment I've ever had

2:51PM MDT | N40°3'1" W104°40'2"

I've been mostly programming for past fifty miles or so. We listened to another This American Life and I've now queued up some Modest Mouse for a slightly less attentive listening experience. Jacob has managed to get us a hundred miles closer to Denver since I last posted and for that we should all be proud.

Probably the most interesting thing we've seen in the past hundred was a tumble weed. Now I know what you're probably thinking. A tumble weed is the quintessential symbol of mundane. It's almost definitively not exciting. It's used in countless movies and cartoons alike to show just how boring a place or situation is. That being said, it is one of the more noticeable symbols of modern fiction and neither Jacob nor I have ever actually seen a real one. The passing of this little bundle of boredom, quite literally crossing our path, was met with much excitement and many various methods of taking the lords name in vein.

We haven't stopped since the last post but things are getting more urban rapidly as we near Denver. We plan to get out and take a gander when we get to the mile-high city. Our plans have changed slightly since we are getting to Denver earlier than we anticipated. We're going to push on in stead of staying in Denver tonight. When we get to the city, we'll take account of where we are, where we should go (wifi permitting) and possibly, just maybe, find some cookies. Things are still pretty flat but I just looked up as I write this and saw mountains straight of the distance. I've pointed them out to Jacob as they are rather faint and look quite a bit like clouds in the sky line.

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